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Comfortable victory over Fiji for Scotland at Murrayfield

Tommy Seymour

 A hat trick for Tommy Seymour helped to secure an impressive 54 - 17 victory at Murrayfield for Scotland this weekend over Fiji.

The latest win marks 10 victories from the last 11 games at Murrayfield.

Tries from Allan Dell, Fraser Brown, Sean Maitland, Jamie Ritchie and Adam Hastings helped to secure the win.

Throughout the game, Scotland retained 70% possession.

Within the first 20 minutes of the game, Dell and Brown secured tries, before the visitors took Scotland by surprise with tries from Mata and Radradra.

After 30 minutes, Murrayfield became silent when Fiji were leading by 17 - 14.  A couple of Fiji yellow cards and fouls later, Tommy Seymour secured his first try.  The first half ended with a 21 - 17 lead for the Scots.

Soon into the 2nd half, Maitland's effort was rewarded, followed by the completion of Seymour's hat trick.

All in all, it was a great day for the Celtic nations.  Wales achieved victory over Australia (9 - 6), Ireland had an impressive victory over Argentina (28 - 17), and England narrowly lost out to New Zealand (15 - 16).


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